Data and Maps

An important element of the work in the Green Impact Zone® has been collecting data that will help us develop strategies and measure progress. In September 2009, MARC contracted with the UMKC Center for Economic Information to prepare a preliminary data report, with guidance from the Green Impact Zone Data Committee.

The full preliminary data report, published in February 2010, is available for download in PDF format (12 MB file), or you can view selected maps using the links to the right.

The data is provided with very little analysis, in hopes that it will be useful to generate ideas, spark discussions and support existing programs.
One of the most effective uses for this data is using it to better understand the issues facing the Green Impact Zone and refine our strategies for community revitalization.

Green Impact Zone: Interactive Mapping and Research Site

The UMKC Center for Economic Information, working in partnership with the Green Impact Zone and particularly its data committee, has developed an interactive site for mapping and researching Green Impact Zone data. The site allows you to generate maps and tables for the Green Impact Zone or sub-areas, based on data currently being collected.